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Winter storage

Do you want to store your valuables safely during the winter? That is possible at It Soal marina.
We have a total winter storage capacity of 15000 m² of which 4500 m² is covered in an insulated shed. For the safety of your ship, the entire area is fenced off and equipped with cameras and can only be accessed by our guests. We also have Do-It-Yourself sheds that you can hire for work that you want to carry out yourself. In short, It Soal has everything you need to winterise your boat without any problems.

Price list and guidelines for winter storage

I wish to use the following service(s):

Price per m² € 53.00 | Berth holders It Soal € 51.00 | Batteries must be disconnected when stored in the hall!

Based on subsequent calculation

€ 15.00

Price per m² € 24.00 | Berth holders It Soal € 22.00 |

Up to 8 meters ship length from €82.70 | up to 10 meters ship length from €95.80 | > 10 meters from €105.40

€ 10.00 per meter mast length

€ 50.00 | Heating not allowed

Price per m² € 7.20| The ship must be docked at jetty C, F, G, H, or I before 25 November. Ask the harbormaster for a box.

€ 75.00

I wish to have the following general work carried out on my yacht:

(before November 20, 2021)

General information

The above prices are incl. 21% VAT. Personnel of Marina It Soal are entitled to move or shift my ship without stating reasons.

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